If you found a good vantage point and were to look across Bellingham, you would notice that the city has developed around the flanks of a large wooded hill. Sehome Hill, juts above the buildings and neighborhoods, it's 180 acres of forest in the heart of Bellingham is a subtle, but constant backdrop to the city. The expanse of Douglas Fir and Cedar often visibly in the background and behind the action of life and work in Bellingham. On the northeast flanks of Sehome Hill, rising up from downtown is the Sehome Neighborhood, a community of homes in the heart of Bellingham yet just a few steps away from forests of Sehome Hill.

The Sehome Neighborhood had its beginnings in the early 1900's and there are many beautiful homes that are still found from these early days. Part of the neighborhood consists of business district, apartments and boarding houses catering to the neighboring Western Washington University (WWU) students. But as you climb the slope of the neighborhood streets towards the Sehome Arboretum, the neighborhood takes on a more peaceful and calming tone. The wall of fir trees at the end of the neighborhood imposing their tranquility on the nearby homes. It's at the end of these streets that you find unique homes inlayed into the surrounding forest, yet just a few minutes' walk to WWU or downtown. Many of the neighborhood homes have views of North Bellingham, the Canadian Cascades and Bellingham Bay. A portion of the neighborhood is officially the Sehome Hill National Historic District and several homes are registered with the National Register of Historic Places. The neighborhood has a combination of longtime resident homeowners and renters.
The neighborhood has two parks but isn't short of places to walk and explore. Sehome Hill has several paths climbing and crossing its forest. At the very top is a viewing tower to look down on Bellingham Bay and the north end of the city. Around the western flank of Sehome Hill and bordering the Sehome Neighborhood is Western Washington University. Here you will find many more miles of walking paths, beautiful architecture, outdoor sculpture collection and many theatrical and musical attractions. Also part of the Sehome Neighborhood is Laurel Park, and simple park with a children's playground and a large grass field.

The neighborhood is served by Lowell and Happy Valley Elementary Schools, Fairhaven Middle School and Sehome High School.
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